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ECO4 Scheme - Free government Loft Insulation grants

During winter, up to 25% of your room's heat could be lost through the roof of your home and this is where our loft insulation services help. Reach out to us today to learn more about the ECO4 grant scheme.








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Construction of ceiling insulation

Minimise your

Energy costs

Insulating your roof is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to reduce your energy usage and because most types of loft insulation materials will last for at least forty years, it should pay for itself many times over. Our expert team ensures that your loft is optimally insulated to keep the heat within your home, reducing the need for excessive heating. 

Our team of expert engineers will assess your eligibility for free insulation and energy upgrades using the government ECO4 scheme. Contact us to find out more.

spare part for boiler

Get a FREE Boiler!

Want to save on your energy bills? Check if you are eligible for a free energy efficient boiler today!

Helping to

Reduce carbon footprint

Loft insulation plays a crucial role when it comes to minimising your carbon footprint. As we insulate your loft space, we empower you to contribute to an environment-friendly lifestyle. This effect proves to be a small step that makes a big difference, promoting a sense of responsibility towards our planet.

With our experienced professional team, you can count on us to deliver excellence in every aspect of the insulation process from start to finish. Contact us to get expert advice for a more sustainable and efficient home, contact H & R Energy Solutions Ltd now.

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Want to bolster your home’s energy efficiency? Loft insulation could be just what you need. Please fill out our online form or call us on 0141 739 3923

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