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Installing cavity insulation

ECO4 Scheme - Free Government Cavity wall insulation grants

Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home whilst reducing your heating bills? Consider cavity wall insulation, a great investment that brings comfort and savings. Contact us to find out how the ECO4 grant could help you.








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Installing cavity insulation

We are 

Cavity wall insulation specialists

We specialise in professional cavity wall insulation services to upgrade your home into an energy-efficient haven. Cavity wall insulation works as a protective shield for your home, offering you a relaxed and comfortable environment. These walls fill the gap between your property’s outer and inner walls with an insulating material, ensuring that the heat stays indoors.

Free cavity wall insulation is funded by the UK Government under ECO4 Scheme. Most homes in the UK have external walls with a cavity between two layers of brickwork. With our exceptional cavity wall insulation, say goodbye to chilly winters, reach out to our friendly team now.

Those on benefits may be eligible for free insulation upgrades. Our expert engineers assess your current energy rating and insultation and guide you through the best options that suit your needs. We will then help you gain free government grants if you are eligible.

Spare part for boiler

Get a FREE Boiler!

Want to save on your energy bills? Check if you are eligible for a free energy efficient boiler today!

Why choose

H & R Energy Solutions Ltd?

When it comes to sustainable energy options, H & R Energy Solutions Ltd is your trusted partner. Our skilled team provides you with a flawless cavity insulation installation process, minimising disruption to your daily life. With our superior quality service, you can experience warmth, and save on energy bills. To learn more about our cavity wall insulations, contact our professional team today.

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For reliable cavity wall insulation, boiler and heating services or time temperature zone control systems, fill out our online form or call us on 0141 739 3923

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