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Are you eligible for ECO4 100% free government funded energy products?

Claim up to £40,000 in Government Funding towards Home Energy Improvements, and save 70% on your energy bills.

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Find out if you are eligible for 100% FREE energy efficiency upgrades

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Who we are:

With over 20 years’ experience in retrofit insulation and the management of large carbon contracts, coupled with our expertise in ECO funding, H & R Energy Solutions Ltd is well equipped to help you access all energy efficient products, get in touch with us.

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We specialise in

The following energy saving products

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Free boiler replacement

Replace your old boiler with a more efficient one to keep your home warm, using the Eco4 scheme.

air compressor on the wall house

Air source heat pump grants

Get heat from the air to warm your home, offering an eco-friendly heating solution.

A builder is laying the new floor in an attic. He is drilling the screws into the floorboards

Underfloor insulation grants

Insulate beneath your floor to keep your home cosy.

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Free Loft insulation

Prevent the heat from escaping your property and minimise the need for excessive heating.

White Electric Storage Heater

Free Electric storage heaters

Efficient electric heaters store heat during off-peak times, and release it when needed, minimising energy costs. Apply using the Eco4 scheme.

Hand turning a home thermostat knob to set temperature on energy saving mode

Temperature zone control

Manage your home’s temperature conveniently with our temperature zone control.

Worker Installing Fiberglass Batt Insulation between Wall Studs

Free Internal wall insulation

Install insulation to interior walls to retain heat and achieve better energy efficiency.

Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

Solar panels

Utilise the sun's energy to generate electricity, reduce your dependence on traditional power sources.

Plumbing in a new central heating radiator

First time central heating

We offer First Time Central Heating funding (via Eco4 Scheme) for installing central heating in homes, making sure your property stays warm and comfortable.

installing cavity insulation

Free cavity wall insulation

Fill the gaps in your walls to prevent heat loss, making your home more relaxing.

External wall Insulation

Free external wall insulation

Improve property with external wall insulation at great rates.

Insulation Installation

Room In Roof Insulation

Keep informed with helpful articles on energy-related topics, or contact us.

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Learn about 

H & R Energy Solutions Ltd

Our aim: Our mission is to provide nature-friendly energy solutions and government grants for those in need, advancing our vision.

Company vision: ECO4 envisions a sustainable future, transforming the modern world into a haven for future generations. Save more on energy bills.

The procedure: We achieve this through close collaboration with government agencies, ensuring equitable grant distribution and implementation.

Do you qualify for the UK Gov ECO4 grants? Let us help you with free boiler replacement, room in roof insulation (RiR), internal wall insulation (iwi), external wall insulation (EWi), underfloor insulation (UFI), loft insulation, first time central heating (FTCH), electric storage heaters (ESH), air source heat pumps (ASHP) and solar panels. We're based in Glasgow and provide solutions to customers throughout the UK.

Empowering Energy Efficiency and

Savings across the UK

Our objective is to change the modern world and create a more sustainable future through nature friendly energy solutions for future generations. We work together with the government in providing grants to those in need. We help hundreds of customers every month achieve a warmer, more energy-efficient home while saving them a considerable amount of money on their heating bills.

Worker filling walls with insulation material in construction site
spare part for boiler

Get a FREE Boiler!

Want to save on your energy bills? Check if you are eligible for a free energy efficient boiler today!

"Outstanding insulation work! The team efficiently insulated my 3-bedroom flat, including the loft, in just under 3 days. They were not only friendly but also highly knowledgeable. They consistently maintained high standards, delivering exceptional quality work, and ensured adequate protection for the areas where the job was carried out. Very likely to recommend others and hire again in future."

MS Hamza - Google review 

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Be a part of hundreds of happy families around the UK, check your eligibility by filling out our online form or call us on 0141 739 3923

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